As an emerging company, TTS is built on the belief that success and growth are people driven.  Therefore, we value our team members and demonstrate this by making them owners while offering a highly competitive compensation and benefits package, as well as opportunities for professional growth in a work environment that focuses on promoting a work-life balance of professionalism, family, and community support.  Benefits offered include:

Highly Competitive Salaries

Stock Ownership

Each employee owns a portion of TTS.  Additional shares of the company can be acquired by advancing within the company, as well as by earning bonuses for performance or recruitment.  Stock is fully vested after two years.   


TTS shares its success with our employees by offering bonuses based upon performance.


Each employee incrementally accrues 20 days of compensated vacation and holidays each year annually.  After five years of employment with TTS, an additional five days annually may be accrued.   

401 K/Retirement Plan

TTS encourages each employee to maximize their contribution to our 401K program.  TTS matches employee contributions at a rate  up to 5% of annual compensation.  Employees are vested after their first year with the company. 

Tuition and Training Reimbursement

At TTS, we realize our success is predicated on our employees and their drive to continue to improve.  TTS offers our employees up to 2% of their compensation annually in reimbursement for tuition assistance and training reimbursement.  To qualify, a course, degree, or certification must be pursued through an accredited institution and support the professional development of an employee-owner. 


TTS will contribute up to 3% of annual compensation towards supporting insurance requirements of our personnel.  This benefit can be applied to any health related insurance need.